Trip to hattu

In the emirate of Dubai, the village of Hatta is an oasis in the foothills. From the capital of the emirate to it is 105 km.

In the village, which is over 200 years old, there is an old fort and the Juma mosque, built in 1780. It is worth going here in order to admire the unusual landscape of the "colored" mountains and look at the "wadi" - the drying beds of mountain streams. Noteworthy is the Heritage Village - a reconstructed complex of adobe buildings that rises on a hill to a locked observation tower.

The road leading to the Hatta repeatedly crosses the border between the emirates of Dubai and Ajman, as well as between the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman. On the pass is a market for synthetic carpets and ceramics: clay jugs, candle holders and incense burners.

You can stay in Hatta at the four-star Hatta Fort Hotel, where you can take a walk in the mountains with your whole family, take a dip in the pool, shoot archery and play golf. In addition to the Jeema restaurant and the Roumoul bar, there is also a Cafe Gazebo, whose glazed terrace is sure to give new experiences to lovers of sunrises and sunsets.

Phone Hatta Fort Hotel (04) 852 3211

The main entertainment in the Hutt is a jeep ride in Wadi. 20 km from the village are Hatta Pools - mountain pools with clear, cold water at any time of the year. To get here, you need to leave Hatta, leaving the Heritage Village on the left, in the direction of the village of Jima and the Omani border. During the rainy season (autumn - winter) it is better to go on such a trip with an experienced escort.

Hutt Village Hours: daily from 8.00-22.00, Fridays from 16.00-22.00

For information: (04) 3937151

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