Autographs of masters

We met Stefan De Palmas for a long time, because he was the head of the Middle Eastern division of a famous French jewelry house in Dubai. It was all the more interesting to meet with him again, congratulate him on the new position of Deputy CEO of Signature Jewelery, and talk about the changes that had taken place in his life and career.

Stefan, the Signature Jewelery concept is quite young, and in some ways even unique. Why did you decide to start developing it after many years of experience working with leading jewelry houses of the world such as Van Cleef & Arpels and Cartier?

I just got the opportunity to apply my experience on the other side of the same business, and now I provide those types of services that I could not have before. I believe that my experience will be a valuable addition for those brands that want to expand their presence in the Middle East region. Signature idea is an amazing adventure, which includes the creation of an original conceptual multi-brand store, where new brands, new names and new types of services would be presented.

What was the first reaction to the appearance on the market of such a “newcomer” from the old and well-known classic jewelry brands? Warm greetings, curiosity, distrust, envy?

Of course, curiosity. Signature store (Autograph) occupies a niche just in the middle between major well-known brands and local jewelry manufacturers, as some of the brands represented here have great potential. In fact, the market is large, and there is always room for quality and creativity.

What makes the Signature store concept unlike the others?

I believe Signature is a brand new approach to selling jewelry in the Middle East, providing a platform for talented designers to produce and showcase their works in the region. In addition, Signature is the first international partner of the newest Parisian brand Joaillerie de France.

What did you represent in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in February 2011?

We decided to show the public in the emirate capital and in Dubai the most exclusive jewelry collections from around the world. For this, we organized two thematic exhibitions in February this year, which were held with great success.

What are your immediate plans for the development of the Signature concept?

I am going to open the most amazing jewelry stores where customers will be provided with unprecedented services. I already have several ideas in this regard, but I will tell you about them and your readers in due time.

How would you describe the customers of the new Signature store?

These are true connoisseurs of everything new and unusual. People who like to meet and get acquainted with the creators of the brand and the designers behind each jewelry masterpiece. I want to remind you that all the owners of each of the brands that we represented at the exhibitions were there with us.

What are the main markets you have chosen for brand development?

Dubai is the first step, since all the jewelry brands that we represent are very successful in the markets of their countries.

Where can I find Signature stores in the UAE and in neighboring countries?

We have a store at the Al Bustan Rotana hotel, and we are currently negotiating the opening of boutiques in the leading shopping centers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Why did you decide to first introduce the Signature idea in the Middle East?

Firstly, because the group behind this concept is based in the UAE, and secondly, the Gulf region is a well-known and mature market for jewelry. Most of the internationally promoted jewelry brands already present their collections in Dubai, in addition, here you can find a wide selection of products created by local manufacturers. This is by far the best place to start.

What would you like to wish readers?

Dear readers of Russian Emirates, be sure to select the time to view our brand collections on the website

Thanks Stefan. Good luck

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