Style by Marc Jacobs!

In mid-April, an amazing promotion was held in the Marc Jacobs boutique of the Mall of the Emirates. Especially in order to familiarize the brand's most devoted fans with the new collection of branded bags, a team of stylists MJ arrived in Dubai. Under the leadership of Francesca Pasini, a representative of the Marc Jacobs brand, Dubai's fashionistas inspected the collection and voiced their preferences.

So, UAE citizen Fatima, who buys a new bag from MJ every season, said: “An interesting collection, very nice new colors - burgundy, cloudy gray, beige and brown. I really liked the model of the bag made of reptile skin. The only thing I would like , so that most of the bags are medium-sized, as it is more practical, and so that new models appear, because even the classics sometimes get boring. I noted for myself new options for finishing bags and shoes, so bright pink plastic crystal flowers very It looks good on a bag burgundy patent leather, but the finishing of the ropes I would remove. It has nothing to something, simplifies the view. "

Our compatriot Marina, who lives in Dubai and is also a big fan of the Marc Jacobs brand, said: “I got a call from the boutique and I decided to come to look around. To be honest, I wanted to buy a bright blue bag, but when I went to the boutique and I saw so many red, beige, burgundy, green and brown here, I thought that perhaps I’d better listen to the stylist about what is fashionable this season, and only then I will make a decision. "

Another Russian-speaking customer of a model appearance by the name of Valeria knew exactly what shape and size she wanted, but the snag turned out to be in color: "I saw this bag for the first time in a multi-brand department store window, but there it was only black. I fell in love with this one immediately and forever, that’s why she came to the boutique today to decide on the color, and now, honestly, I don’t know in which version I like this bag most of all: black, as if it fits everything, but is too simple; beige - not very pr ktichnaya, but the pink and green - just super And blue is also very beautiful in general, feel that the choice will not be easy, after all bag from Marc Jacobs -!!. it's a status thing, and expensive. "

After listening to different opinions of customers, Francesca Pasini said she would definitely pass them on to the MJ design team and dwell on the summer capsule collection of bags, shoes and accessories Marc Jacobs, which will arrive in branded boutiques in the UAE in May.

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