Marsupial Hit Parade

What bags to carry with all this? Elegant models with embroidery, made in white. Combined leather and textile bags, they are full in designer collections. As for the sizes, the bags can be very different: both very small clutches, which are fashionable to carry in your hand, and medium-sized bags. It can also be practical capacious hobo bags. And the undoubted hit of the summer season - fringed bags! Bags with flowers or other fashionable prints are selected for plain clothes or clothes with the same pattern. But perhaps the most convenient and fashionable are tote bags for shopping. It is not for nothing that they are called "household" in our country.

On the beach we take with us a bag corresponding to our own bright nature and extraordinary style. With such an accessory it’s hard to go unnoticed! Urgently inspect your wardrobe and go in search of a new bag. Who wants to lag behind, when there is an opportunity to top the chart of our “bag” hit parade?

Watch the video: Talulah, Autumn & Ergo bid a fond farewell to Max Bygraves (April 2020).