TUMI presents a limited collection of luggage “CRASH”

The work of one of the most influential graffiti artists of our time, John “Crash” Matos, has come from the New York subway to the most prestigious art galleries in the world. In March 2011, John “Crash” created a unique capsule collection for TUMI, a leading luxury luggage and accessory brand.

Inside, each model is marked with the personal signature of the author himself, and is also numbered with an individual serial number. In total, 1000 units of each suitcase, presented in 4 sizes, were produced. In addition to luggage, for iPhone fans, a case for this phone has been released, painted in the general style. The collection has been available since March 2011 in all boutiques of the world, including Dubai.

Watch the video: Ferrari Art Car - Martino Auto Concepts - John Crash Matos - Dorian Grey Gallery NYC (April 2020).