Diptyque off Boulevard Saint Germain, 34

Interviewed: Elena Olkhovskaya

In 2011, the Diptyque Perfume House, in honor of its 50th anniversary, implemented a rather ambitious project, whose goal was to enclose in a bottle the fragrance of the first Diptyque store on 34 Saint-Germain Boulevard in Paris, with its rare and precious scents ...

... And also create an iconic collection that emphasizes the essence of the brand, and offer everyone a small piece of its history.

To create a fragrance that was unique in its concept and essence, Diptique House invited Givaudan perfumer Olivier Pescheux, who had already collaborated with this brand several times and created many popular perfumes for such famous brands as Dior, Paco Rabbane, Azzaro, ST Dupont, Lanvin, Paul Smith and many others. Together with Olivier, two more unusually talented personalities worked on this innovative concept: Miriam Badault, director of marketing for Diptique, and Roman Kaiser, a specialist at Scents Treks'.

I managed to get acquainted with the results of their joint work in the Diptique brand boutique in Dubai, where we also chatted with Olivier Pescot.

Olivier, what became the most unusual for you in this work?

Work on the project began in 2008. I met Roman and Miriam on 34 Saint-Germain Boulevard, in the Diptique brand boutique, to try and encapsulate the store’s fragrant atmosphere. Perhaps this has become the most difficult. I needed to use a different way of thinking and adapt the process of "capturing the aroma" to the complexity and diversity of the fragrance that prevails in the store. As a result, 25 harmonies of aroma were obtained, obtained during the encapsulation process, 4 of which it was decided to use as the basis for notes of future perfumes. In the summer of 2010, the right balance for eau de toilette was found, and “34 boulevard Saint Germain” became a unique fragrance in which scientific innovation was applied to the creative process.

What distinguishes this fragrance from everything that you worked on before?

Firstly, “34 boulevard Saint Germain” is the heart of the house of Diptyque, its soul expressed in aroma. Secondly, the fragrance “34 boulevard Saint Germain” is a perfume with a complex progressive character, with no obvious connection with a specific olfactory group. This fragrance for men and women, available not only in the form of eau de toilette, but also in the product lines for the body and home. Both collections are based on the same compositions from more than a hundred items of raw materials, differing in varying degrees of complexity: the aroma for the home opens more quickly, turns into fresh, green and spicy; Eau de toilette is designed on a chypre basis.

Base notes of wood and balsam add comfort and create attachment. Key notes include blackcurrant, fig leaves, cardamom, cloves, tonka bean, Turkish rose, tuberose, patchouli, sandalwood and benzoin.

What other products, besides eau de toilette, are included in the “34 boulevard Saint Germain” anniversary collection?

The composition of the collection includes: toilet water and soap, as well as candles, home fragrance and a perfumed wax oval for cabinets and wardrobes, enclosed in favorite materials that are autographed by the company's creations. Each product in the “34 boulevard Saint Germain” line reflects a graphic and infinite universe, once coined by three friends - the creators of Diptyque: a transformed oval shape of bottles and a matte porcelain biscuit-white candle glass; candle wick, immersed in a bottle of toilet water; fabric pouches inspired by the Praetorian motif created in the early 1960s; the edging of the Burgundy-colored packaging is in the color of the facade of the house with the number "34" and the edging of the color of green moss is in the color of the walls of the store.

Olivier, where do you get inspiration for your work?

Anything can inspire me. But more than anything, I love the aromas of Paris: roses in its gardens and parks, rain on a hot summer day or coffee in one of the street cafes.

Do you have favorite, crown ingredients that you use in all of your flavors?

Yes, I love green mandarin for its freshness and soft sensuality, as well as patchouli for its pronounced texture. I like to experiment by mixing synthetic ingredients with natural ones and discovering new perfume chords and combinations.

What do you like to do when you have time to relax?

I love to spend a vacation on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea, because everything there gives me unforgettable emotions - a salty sea wind, a warm evening breeze, the fragrance of night jasmine and the soft rustle of the waves. I also love to travel and discover new countries - from Latin America to Asia, each time bringing from there not only impressions, but also unusual ingredients for new spirits.

Thanks for the conversation, Olivier. I wish you new discoveries.

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