Princess in the fairyland Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci haute couture boutique was opened in Dubai Mall in March. Pastel colors and classic interior lines emphasize the sophisticated beauty of the outfits of one of the most feminine brands in the world.

Founded in 1932 by Madame Ricci, the House still does not change its style. Elegant and simple silhouettes of light and airy toilets from Nina Ricci adore the most brilliant ladies of high society. The same can be said about the brightly feminine scents of the House.

The very popular Nina line from perfumer Oliver Cresp was continued by the love elixir of the Garden of Eden “Nina L'Elixir”. This fresh, flirty, generous and sensual aroma is the same as the beautiful singer Florry Arnold, who became the "face" of the new product.

An elegant young girl with delicate facial features and deep gray-blue eyes was chosen to embody the new fragrance not only for her beautiful appearance. The company was looking for a girl who would not only star in an ad for perfume “Nina L'Elixir”, but would also record a song for the video.

The young British singer Florrie Arnold (Florrie Arnold) came up perfectly. In the "fragrant" video, Florry performs his own version of the hit "Sunday Girl" from the band "Blondie".

Such a tender, unusually feminine, and, at the same time, full of energy and self-confidence, she was chosen among hundreds of other singers for her resemblance to the nature of the fragrance. The girl “Nina L'Elixir” is not just a dreamer. She brings her magical dreams to life. Florry - just such a girl - a charming young drummer who has made a solid musical career by her age and is not going to stop there.

“Nina L'Elixir” is her scent: flirty, seductive, sweet, but not sugary, with a slight and elusive tart aftertaste. It contains the main secrets of the charm of a young singer - a positive attitude, dancing and good music.

“Nina L'Elixir” is a search for beauty in everything, so every woman will find something different in him.

The main notes of the magic "elixir" from Nina Ricci House: jasmine, wild berries, juicy red apple, lime and musk. All that is so refreshing in a sultry summer!

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