Secret de la reine

Guerlain's favorite fragrance is always with you, under the precious wings in the heart of the bee.

More than 14 carats of diamonds in platinum, at least 500 hours of work on a unique perfume bottle, made in the form of an exclusive jewelry. Amazingly beautiful bee, the symbol of Guerlain House, can now be placed on your chest, like a brooch or pendant on a chain sparkling with a finely engraved Morse code “Love to live, live to love” (“Love to live, live to love” ").

It is necessary to lightly press on the shining diamond, as the graceful wings of the bee will open, releasing an exquisite aroma. You will forget about the severity of precious stones and the magnificent work of jewelry masters, left alone with absolute pleasure ...

Watch the video: Dans les yeux d'Olivier - Nés sous X : le secret de Reine (April 2020).