Golden Rules of Beauty

Cleansing, toning, moisturizing. There is no woman who does not know about these daily rituals for skin care of her face.

However, recent advances in anti-aging cosmetology prove that not every care product can bring maximum benefits. How to choose what your skin needs? We will ask Guillaume Bidou, an international expert of the Swiss company for the production of luxury cosmetics La Prairie, who arrived in Dubai to present two new products based on pure gold.

Guillaume, what are the main skin problems that La Prairie cosmetics can prevent or eliminate?

All our lines, developed on the basis of the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology and medicine, allow you to fight wrinkles, dull complexion, sagging skin, pigmentation and many other skin problems. We have very effective formulas that block the negative effects of ultraviolet rays, there are means that create balance with a combined type of skin, and so on. Our main task is to help all women, regardless of their age or skin type, look well-groomed and beautiful every day.

La Prairie is not the cheapest cosmetics when it comes to daily care, is it?

Yes, we position the brand as a luxury cosmetic brand, but we also offer our customers absolute luxury in terms of ingredients in our products, such as diamond dust, particles of gold or platinum, caviar, and from the standpoint of a unique experience in its application From packaging to the texture of each of our products. For example, for every customer who has purchased a cream or serum from us in Dubai, we give a face, neck and décolleté treatment lasting one hour.

If we talk about prices, in order to make our products more affordable, we offer today smaller packages of creams - 30-50 ml instead of 100 ml, as well as some lines that are quite affordable for middle-class customers.

Guillaume, please tell us about the new products from the La Prairie Cellular Radiance Pure Gold line. Do they really contain gold? What is the benefit of this?

Yes, we introduced La Prairie Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold and Serum Radiance Emulsion SPF 30 from the Pure Gold (Pure Gold) collection on the emirate market. The innovative technology of these products helps to restore radiant youth to the skin, making it supple and supple! Both serum and emulsion contain pure 24-carat colloidal gold, the particles of which are absorbed into the skin and provoke the production of collagen and elastin. Wrinkles on the skin are significantly smoothed out, and age spots disappear. In addition, both products also intensively moisturize the skin, and the emulsion also protects it from ultraviolet radiation, thanks to SPF 30. In addition to gold, these products include: hyaluronic acid for moisturizing, chamomile flowers for lightening, vitamin E, bamboo extract, which is responsible for lifting as well as lactic and malic acids, which help skin cells renew themselves. Serum should be applied in the morning and / or evening on cleansed face skin before another moisturizing, nourishing or anti-aging agent, and the emulsion instead of the usual moisturizer. It is ideal for hot countries like the UAE.

What would you pay special attention to women who care about their beauty and youth?

To take care of the skin around the eyes, neck and hands. It is these areas that give age in the first place.

Where should you start for those who want to try La Prairie products for the first time?

With one of our serums, which can increase the effectiveness of other cosmetics, even other brands, on the skin. Believe me, you can see the result after several days of application. Our professional sales consultants, having tested the condition of the skin of the buyer, will always be able to offer a suitable option.

Well, thanks for the tips, Guillaume. See you soon.

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