UNE is Me!

Many girls today want to look young, fresh and natural, without resorting to decorative cosmetics.

However, everyone knows that modern makeup products not only hide visible imperfections, emphasizing the dignity of the face, but also look after and protect the skin in the city. Where is the middle ground between the “painted” and “not painted” face? The creators of the new conceptual brand of UNE decorative cosmetics, designed to help create the most natural look, offer their vision.

The presentation of UNE natural cosmetics took place in mid-March at the Dubai Festival City, where we talked about all the new products with the brand director in the UAE, Sophie Doug.

Sophie, please tell me what is so unique about the UNE makeup collection concept?

Initially, we focused on those women who do not like bright and catchy makeup in everyday life, who are not artists and do not tend to wear red lipstick every day. It was important for us to create makeup products that would not "erase" the natural female beauty, but slightly emphasize it so that at first glance it would be imperceptible that this woman has some kind of decorative cosmetics. Our motto is the uniqueness of the natural beauty of every woman on the planet! Therefore, our main task is to discover and emphasize this beauty with the help of UNE cosmetics.

What does the brand name UNE mean?

UNE is “uniqueness” (uniqueness) and “unicity” (uniqueness), as well as universality and naturalness.

Our brand is for those who want to be themselves, not trying to try on someone else's mask.

What is the secret of UNE formulas that can reveal all the secrets of natural beauty?

Since we set ourselves the task of slightly emphasizing the natural beauty of women, we developed formulas that are 98% composed of natural components and have a very light and thin, almost weightless texture. Our foundation and powder, blush, even creamy, eye shadow, lipstick and lip gloss are so light that they are almost not felt on the skin, do not tighten it, allowing you to breathe.

All UNE cosmetics formulas do not contain mineral oils, paraben, silicone, or genetically modified additives. In addition, we offer the world's first “intuitive” makeup, based on the natural shades inherent in the skin, hair, cornea or lip color. Therefore, no matter what color from our diverse palette women mix, the effect will still be as natural as possible.

What is the meaning of packaging for effective sales? Is it true that boxes of all UNE cosmetics can be recycled?

Packaging cosmetics is of great importance. Our compact snow-white slider boxes with large mirrors placed on the lid immediately liked the customers. As for recycling, we thought about environmental issues back in 2007, when we just started developing our products and packaging for them. And they made the right choice. I believe that every person in the world, and even more so large companies, must necessarily deal with environmental issues. It is very important.

What UNE products can you name the best sellers today?

UNE is, first of all, a natural complexion, since it is he who is the most important manifestation of true beauty, as it reflects internal energy and strength. If a woman has a beautiful and even complexion, then her eyes and lips, even with light strokes of mascara and lipstick, look even more expressive. That is why, in the Middle East region, we will focus on face care products with a high coverage ratio, such as 100% Mineral Powder Foundation or Soft Mineral Compact Foundation.

Where in the United Arab Emirates can I buy UNE cosmetics, and at what price limits is it located?

Our prices are within reasonable limits. Since the UNE brand was originally created under the roof of Bourjois, whose task was to make French cosmetics available to all women in the world, we decided to keep our prices for natural high-quality cosmetics in the "affordable luxury" segment. Today, UNE cosmetics can be purchased at major UAE department stores such as Debenhams, Faces, and others. We offer a huge selection of products, only eye shadows of more than 170 shades, so every woman today can afford to be free from trends and stereotypes, beautiful and natural, proudly telling herself: "UNE is Me!".

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