From blonde to brunette one step!

Text: Elena Olkhovskaya
Photos: provided by Sera Beauty Lounge specifically for Russian Emirates
Nothing in the world can spoil the mood of a woman like an unsuccessfully done hairstyle. Scola time, going from a hairdressing salon, I raced home to quickly soak wacky styling AGAIN dry the hair, cursing to himself masters do on my mind another "Crow's Nest", the last word and thinking about what kind of impression on the bosses will make MY tomorrow THE APPEARANCE IN THE OFFICE WITH SUCH BANG OR THIS UNDERSTANDABLE COLOR. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DRESS?

I believe that I’m not the only one to whom the “specialists” are sad, good people, in general, burned their hair, overexposed paint on them, or cut their hair where it was not necessary, or spoiled the appearance in any other way , not from evil, of course. It’s necessary to fill someone’s hand ...

In general, going to a meeting with well-known hairdresser-stylist Angelo Falzone in London, I suppressed skepticism in me: “Well, well, let's see what this star of world catwalks will offer me!”.

The result of a meeting with Angelo in the Sera Beauty Long salon, which is owned by the hospitable hostess Rakhi Mecciani, resulted in a lot of positive emotions and ... Okay, let's get started.

Angelo Falzoni is the son of Italian parents, a hairdresser-stylist who grew up and has studied in London, who is equally good at communicating with both female and male hairstyles. He is the recipient of numerous awards for hairdressing and creative hairstyles.

“I started my career as a hairdresser at the age of 18, and have never regretted it,” says Angelo. “I like working with hair, turning ordinary people into beautiful people. Are you afraid of experiments, for example?” This question was asked of me, and I hastened to answer that I was not afraid, without sinning against the truth.

“This year I participated in London Fashion Week, at the fashion shows of the Diwali festival in Hammersmith. In addition, I am constantly called on a variety of fashion shoots and fashion shows, both in London and in other countries.

So, for example, at the invitation of one company, I visited Miami, now I’ve arrived in Dubai, where I will shoot for several magazines (including ours, - approx. Ed.), And also take part in a live television show in Dubai Dubai One TV channel, I will conduct a series of workshops and will do hairstyles for the Dubai Horse Racing World Cup. But this is after, and now let's decide what we will do? "This is again me. What should I do? Here it is, the most difficult question." Hairstyle, of course, "I think to myself, and say out loud:" Well, the length of my hair is me I like it, the color can be slightly corrected and the shape of the haircut can be corrected, right? ", still hoping it will work out. It didn’t work ... Angelo comes up creatively and seriously. Continuing light and easy chatter, he approaches me with a huge catalog, in which such loops-samples of hair dyed in all kinds of colors are attached.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that I, like all normal "blondes", have a dark-gray natural shade, which Angelo suggested slightly adjusting so that it was not so boring. In general, they agreed on a warm chocolate color, which I could hardly imagine on my head. However, the master was convincing, and I agreed to an experiment during which I not only lost a noticeable part of my hair, but also acquired a radically new look, becoming a brown-haired (almost brunette). Wow!

“People of Slavic appearance very often, without hesitation, maintain their natural light shade of hair, which visually“ blurs ”facial features, because their eyebrows, eyelashes and skin tone are also light. And if you choose slightly darker tones, you can achieve an amazing effect when, in contrast to fair skin, the eyes will literally sparkle on the face, "Angelo advises. - "I often pay attention to the hairstyles of people I see on the street, and some I just want to go up and say that, you say, you need to shorten or lengthen your hair a little, change their color or even pick it up in a bun or" ponytail ". After all, the hairstyle affects the whole appearance, and if it suits the shape of the face, section and color of the eyes of a person, then only then can the image be considered complete. "

“Angelo, tell me, what hairstyles do you like to work with the most,” I ask, admiring my new haircut in the mirror.

"I really like to create tall festive hairstyles on long hair - for weddings and other events. It is so beautiful when a complex tall hairstyle, like a crown, crowns a woman's head, making her posture regal, and a woman irresistible," says Angelo, continuing to wield a hairdryer .

"And who do you cut your hair with?" - I draw attention to the ridiculous crest on the head of the stylist himself. “I cut and dye myself, because I know for sure what effect I want to achieve,” the master laughs. “That's it! Get up. Do you like it?” The last question, and it is again addressed to me. Silent scene.

Like in the Gogol "Inspector". I do not know what to answer, because a stranger woman with blue eyes is looking at me from the mirror. But, you know, great! It turned out to be a completely different and kind of mischievous look, which allowed me to clear visually a few unnecessary years. The mood jumped! That means that it can improve it like that. New hairstyle. I say goodbye to Angelo, who already needs to go to the TV show, sincerely thank him, wave my hand to all the employees of the Sera Beauty Lounge who have gathered around me, trying to figure out what color is so beautiful on the go, because they also want this ... Finally, the bustle around my person ends, I jump out into the street. The husband’s first reaction: “So you're now a brunette ?!” and his eyebrows creep up in surprise: “Very interesting!” Second daughter: "Oh, mom, you now look like a Frenchwoman to us!" Thank you, how nice! And then a whole month of collecting compliments from colleagues and acquaintances, friends and employees of other newspapers, magazines and various agencies that you have to deal with every day at press conferences, presentations and receptions.

And just after a seemingly minor change in hairstyle. Hooray! So, there are real stylists in the world who are not just called that, but really can slightly correct "style and image" for the better.

Therefore, if you are still a blonde (or a brown-haired woman, or a brunette, it doesn’t matter), not particularly pleased with your appearance, do not pass by the announcement that Angelo Falzone has come to the city again and you can sign up for a haircut-painting. I’m sure you’ll be lucky and will definitely like it!