House by the water

IN RECENT YEARS winter in northern latitudes are becoming harsh, windy ever stronger, snow ALL Duration ... Is it because more and more people and pulls to the warm sea, gentle sunshine and white sand beaches, A LUXURY PROPERTY BY THE SEA does not lose its popularity, either as HOLIDAY HOMES, NOT A PERMANENT RESIDENCE FOR LIFE WITH FAMILY? Despite the still remaining unresolved problems in the Dubai Real Estate Sector, there are housing projects in this emirate where investors invest their funds with great pleasure. ONLY ON THESE PROJECTS ROYAL HOME COMPANY IS SPECIALIZING, OFFERING ITS CLIENTS ACCOMMODATION, WHICH WITH THE YEARS WILL ONLY BE INCREASED IN THE PRICE AND ALLOW IT TO ALLOW RETURNING ALL INVESTMENTS FROM PROFIT. is one of Dubai's leading real estate companies specializing in projects such as Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina and The Palm Jumeirah. Mahmoud Khalil, the founder and CEO of the company, has 14 years of experience in real estate in the United States and the Middle East, and has shown outstanding success in this area. Royalhome team. ae consists of highly qualified experts and senior consultants with many years of experience in sales, rental and property management. We are proud that a large number of investors prefer and trust their real estate to us. Our continuous growth and success in the market has been made possible thanks to the trust and loyalty of our valued customers, both in the domestic and international real estate market.

The Jumeirah Beach Residence project (Jumeirah Beach Residence) is a one-of-a-kind complex that embodies a completely new concept of "resort life all year round." The unique architecture of this housing complex combines Mediterranean and Arabic styles. Jumeirah Beach Residence is located in the new district of Dubai - Dubai Marina (Dubai Marina), and combines shops, restaurants, walking boulevards, beach clubs, medical facilities and sports facilities, children's playgrounds and much more. The complex consists of a total of 36 residential buildings, 4 hotels and 4 beach clubs. Jumeirah Beach Residence has a wide selection of apartments for sale and rent. Almost all apartments have a view of the sea, the island of The Palm Jumeirah or the man-made harbor of Dubai Marina.

Watch the video: My House by the Water (April 2020).