The new concept boutique Modula-conceptio, based in Dubai in the Jumeirah district and specializing in modern interiors, presents a novelty - synthetic resin floors from Italian designer Mino Longo.

A graduate of the Milan School of Art, Mino Longo, has been experimenting with synthetic and natural resins for more than 15 years, creating new creative methods for decorating walls, interior panels, countertops, flights of stairs, ceilings and floors, achieving various effects. Today, he can give the customer floors created on the basis of rosin and resins of any complexity - be it bright trendy colors, cool sea tones or subtle pearl shimmer, breaking through a transparent surface.

Confident that each interior reflects the individuality of the customer, Mino offers innovative solutions to anyone who wants his house, office or store to look different from others.

Watch the video: Conception & Construction of a 170m2 house in precast concrete panels in Flies by Byzance Design 2 (April 2020).