The Return of the Golden Age

Text: Elena Olkhovskaya


The word "Saray", translated from Turkish as "palace", in French sounds like "serail" (seral), and in Persian - "serai" (serai). It was customary to call the palaces of the caliphs and sultans, as well as their inner chambers (harems), this name in the territory of the Arabian caliphates and the Ottoman Empire. Paying tribute to the centuries-old traditions of architectural architecture of the East, the magnificent and unique palace, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, ascended over the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah. Such amazing coastal resorts have not yet known the modern history of Dubai.

The newly opened fashionable hotel beach complex is located in the western part of the Crescent "crescent", encircling the world-famous artificially created "palm" island The Palm Jumeirah. The main areas of the “new Dubai” are literally within easy reach, and the international airport is just a 45-minute drive away. Such an advantageous location allows guests of the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray to see the panorama of the city and the endless Persian Gulf from its windows and terraces, and those on the shore can see the magnificent silhouette of the palace with many domes and carved arches, giving it airiness and lightness. The interiors of this real architectural masterpiece used numerous decorative techniques, including unique ceiling paintings and handmade wall murals, giant crystal and bronze chandeliers, as well as numerous works of oriental art worthy of being exhibited in the world's leading art galleries. In addition to the main building, the palace complex also includes detached luxury villas designed for long stays, and one of the largest and most luxurious spa centers in the world.

Life in the palace

Hotel Jumeirah Zabeel Saray offers its guests 405 elegant, decorated in the best traditions of the East, rooms and apartments.

Everything breathes with pacification and luxury - and beautiful wooden furniture with numerous pillows and embroidered bedspreads, and stunning bathrooms in size and decoration, more like small marble pools, and a "tropical" shower, and soft carpets in which your feet are buried, and rich stucco molding, and gold painting on walls, columns, cornices and consoles. Mirrors in massive frames visually enlarge the already not small areas of rooms and suites, the most modest of which occupies 40 square meters. meters, and the largest Grand Imperial Suite - 310 square meters. All rooms and suites have private balconies with scenic views of the beautifully landscaped grounds of the palace and the sea. For additional comfort of each guest, the rooms have high-speed Internet access, all the necessary facilities for making tea and coffee, satellite TV, an iPod dock. In addition, at any time of the day you can order food and drinks in the room. Guests with disabilities at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray have also been taken care of: there are four special rooms for them. Club rooms offer snacks and drinks in the club lounge throughout the day, as well as afternoon tea parties.

For family and long-term relaxation, this beachfront hotel has 38 luxury villas built around the pool. All villas vary in category and number of bedrooms - from four to five. One thing unites them - well-designed layouts, the presence of bathrooms in each bedroom, fully equipped kitchens and dining rooms - from stoves, dishwashers and other kitchen appliances to dining utensils, glasses and cutlery. It offers - round-the-clock registration and ordering of food and drinks, maid and waiter services, a separate private pool and garage. A nice addition to the pool villas is the availability of an additional gym, maids and play areas to choose from. Yes, by the way, a spacious terrace-pier comes out to the pool, the floors of which are made of wood with water-repellent impregnation, so you can relax in sun loungers or have parties with a barbecue, and visit your neighbors (if you invite) to easily cross the water, being on another, exactly the same "pier."

Kingdom of hammam

Not a single Sultan's palace could do without a “hammam" or a Turkish bath. This is the real kingdom of oriental bliss, unique rituals of ablutions and numerous company procedures for the face and body, you can not ignore.

Firstly, because the Talise Ottoman Spa, on whose territory these amazing baths are located, covers an area of ​​more than 8 thousand square meters. And secondly, in a good way, it would be worth starting the whole story about this hotel with the “hammam”, since the concept of palace luxury in the Oriental style has been built around Turkish baths, which once served as a place for social communication. People, and especially women from the Sultan’s harems, gathered in bathhouses (after all, they couldn’t walk the streets without escort of men) to discuss matters, gossip and put their face, body and hair in order. In the Talise Ottoman Spa, you will find 42 treatment rooms in separate areas for men and women, steam rooms, saunas, “floating” whirlpool bathtubs and unusual showers. In the very center of the spa, in the so-called “wet zone”, there are three hammams decorated with the best marble and promising unforgettable minutes or hours of rest and relaxation in a peaceful environment. To the delight of lovers of a real Russian bath, the spa management promises to arrange it.

Here in Talise Spa you can use the services of women's and men's salons for manicure and pedicure, do fitness or go to the fully equipped gym, relax in the lobby for relaxation or look into the "snow" room to cool slightly, and then visit one of two Cafe Ixir Spa.

Thalassotherapy enthusiasts will surely enjoy the two indoor saltwater swimming pools. In Talise, you can choose any procedure from the almost comprehensive menu, as this center even has eight hydrotherapy rooms. Those who are bored of attending the spa alone will be offered the services of a couples apartment with a separate sauna and lounge. For a large company, there is a completely unusual solution - a VIP-zone with a separate private “hammam”, a mejlis and its own dining room, where you can take a steamy and relax with friends.

Long live the fresh air!

If you believe the dictionary, then translated from Italian “al fresco” means “cool” or “in the fresh air”. In truth, Dubai does not particularly indulge lovers of lunch and dinner outdoors with a large number of restaurants and bars with terraces. The Jumeirah Zabeel Saray has provided this, and now each of the ten restaurants and bars offers spacious terraces overlooking the gardens and the sea. This is where an ordinary meal turns into a real treat. A variety of tastes and traditions will amaze the most sophisticated gourmets. For exploring Arabia's favorite dishes, visit Al Nafoorah Restaurant. North Indian cuisine awaits you at Amala Restaurant (knowledgeable people say this is the best Indian restaurant in Dubai). The C Club Cigar Lounge offers the finest cigars from around the world and appropriate drinks. Another lounge, the Sultan Lounge, will be the best place to meet friends or business partners. All day, French and international cuisine is served by the chefs of Imperium Restaurant, which serves a generous buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Believe me, this is a real empire of tastes! Ixir bars are your surefire way to join a healthy lifestyle by eating balanced meals and replenishing your body’s fluid supply with the right drinks.

If we already got to the Sultan's palace, then you can’t do without a signature restaurant of Turkish cuisine. The hallmark of the hotel is the Lalezar restaurant, in which everything from interior decoration to the kitchen tells guests about the glorious traditions of the Ottoman Empire. Near the pool, Plaj is the ideal place to relax, sunbathe and have a bite to eat sushi, grilled seafood and signature drinks right by the pool. Those who are interested in everything exotic should like the 19th-century Vietnamese cuisine from the time of the French colonists, which the VOI restaurant specializes in. Be sure to pay attention to the chic wine list, which even connoisseurs will appreciate. In the evening, welcome to the super-fashioned Voda Bar - almost snow-white with elements of black during the day and bright blue, almost neon due to the unique evening illumination in the evening. Sitting in a comfortable spherical chair, do not be lazy to lookTo the ceiling of the bar is a perfect masterpiece with ceiling paintings in the style of the Sistine Chapel of Michelangelo.

About spiritual food

It is known that in addition to “bread”, a person also needs “spectacles”. A spacious theater and concert hall with 380 and 750 seats was built in Jumeirah Zabeel Saray for these purposes. Especially for various events, conferences and banquets, the hotel has several halls named as precious stones: Diamond ("Diamond"), Turquoise ("Turquoise"), Lapis Lazuli ("Lapis Lazuli"), Opal ("Opal") and Sapphire ("Sapphire").

However, if guests are interested in more active recreation than regular meetings and gatherings, then here Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, perhaps, will not be equal. The resort has its own sandy beach, two tennis courts, a huge outdoor pool with two jacuzzis, a special children's pool. Here you can devote time to scuba diving, sailing, sea fishing. Wild Wadi Waterpark offers free shuttle services to nearby shopping centers.

And you will need to carefully plan your vacation in the "Sultan's" palace, so that there is enough time for shopping, and for exploring the city, for entertainment, and for a complete immersion in a truly royal holiday with all the attributes of the "golden age" of caliphs, sultans, sheikhs ....

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