GRAND PRIX ADFC. And the prize is awarded ...

Text: Irina Ivanova



Having gained wide popularity and international fame in a rather short period of time, the championship was moved from the Abu Dhabi exhibition hall to the central stadium - guests arrived in the emirate capital to support their favorite athletes from around the world.

People began to arrive long before the start of the program. They chose the best places, took pictures with the celebrity of the evening, Bob Sapp, bought souvenirs in shops with the attributes of mixed martial arts, met, made predictions ... At the appointed time, the doors were open, “bets” made, and the audience was seated in the rows of the stadium.

The first fight of the evening

Nayeb Hezam (France) (9-10) vs. Shane Omer (Turkey) (5-0)

The first round was relatively “flat”, but spectacular. Both opponents are well prepared and energetic. In the second round, Shane leads a crushing kick in the liver of Nayebu, and he puts the block with his foot. The blow is so strong that Nayeb falls like a knee-deep, severe knee injury. TKO - 1 minute 16 seconds. Shane joyfully chants: "I love you Abu Dhabi!" ("I love you, Abu Dhabi!

Second fight

Beslan Isaev (Russia) (13-3) vs Valentino Petrescu (Romania) (9-1)

Beslan fought from the very beginning, the second round was also under his dictation. Valentino was knocked down on the floor and after a series of hard blows that led to the cut, in the 3rd minute 42nd second, Beslan applied a rare strangulation from behind. Change. A convincing victory for an athlete from Rostov-on-Don.

Third battle

Shamkhal Kerimov (Russia) (2-0) vs Abbaz Zahiri (Iran) (Debut)

Shamkhal famously began the battle. A magnificent series of blows knocks an opponent onto the cage flooring. And after several blows from the mount, Shamkhal makes a pain in the arm. Shamkhal worked very skillfully, leaving Abbaz no chance. Submission in the first round at the 55th second. Despite the net change recorded by video cameras, the Iranian coach insists on a rematch.

Fourth battle

David Maille (France) (0-0-1) vs. Lee Wieczorek (United Kingdom) (8-3)

Already in the first round, Lee inflicts a crushing lower blow, followed immediately by the second. David falls down. Lee immediately flies into the Frenchman and, like a machine gun, “shoots” the opponent with a heavy series of clear blows. The judge interrupts the "machine gun line". TKO at the 26th second.

Fifth fight of the evening

Seydina Seck (France) (11-5) vs Simeon Threson (Norway) (14-1-1)

The fight began with an exchange. Clinch at the net. Again the exchange, in which Seydina falls exactly in the jaw. The Norwegian falls and receives five strongest blows to the head, of which two were clearly superfluous. Simeon with difficulty, with the help of a trainer, gets to the locker room. KO, 2 minutes, 2 seconds.

Sixth fight. Female

Outi Louhimo (Finland) (2-1) vs. Titiana van Polanen (Netherlands) (0-2)

Nobody expected this pressure and technique from the girls. Almost all of Titan's hits hit the target. Two jebas decided everything. Finca was shocked, her nose was broken. After the second jab, the Dutchwoman turned on a series of punches from the hands that the referee stopped. TKO, 2 minutes 27 seconds.

Seventh battle

Malik Omarov (Russia, but outside the UAE) (4-0) vs. Ali Ahli (UAE) (1-0)

Malik Omarov is very popular in the Emirates, numerous friends and girls have come to support him. A sociable positive guy who smiles even in the ring, which may be why his nickname is “Smiler”.

A newcomer to MMA came out against him, only 1 match, Ali. But, of course, all the locals of the emirates cheered for him. The first round came with Malik's advantage. He worked both variably and beautifully, but Ali worked well in defense.

The second round began with the fact that both fighters decided to break through the right cross towards each other. Ali turned out to be faster and more accurate. He rushed to finish off, a burl flew out from Malik, and after several blows the judge stopped the fight.

TKO. Local fans are so impressed with the victory of “their own” that they almost choke a tired fighter in the arms of a joyful crowd. We are extremely upset.

The eighth battle. Show

Bob Sapp (USA) (11-6-1) vs. Stav Economu (Cyprus, goes beyond the UK) (10-1-1)

Everyone is eagerly awaiting to see The Beast against the Raging Bear.

Sapp's legendary exit, the audience is thrilled - almost 160 kg of live weight in a romantic white airy cloak. The “bear” from Cyprus seems loose and weak. However, quite quickly, Stav conducts a takedown and begins to process Bob with his fists and elbows. After one minute and forty-five seconds, the judge stops the fight. The show did not take place.

Fight for a million and the title of the first ADFC Champion

Shamil Abdurahimov (Russia) (11-1) vs. Marcos Oliveira (Brazil, marries the UAE) (5-2).

The time has come for the main fight, to which both athletes have been going since May 2010, when the first round of the tournament took place.

Before the battle, to the music, the girls solemnly carry the Champion’s belt in a circle. Shamil is marinated on the steps. Let out smoke. Coaches cover his head with a towel. Finally, the go-ahead follows, and the fighter leaves. We applaud. Someone whistles unhappily. Shamil is serious, concentrated.

Next comes Marcos Oliveira. Dancing, with the flags of the UAE and surrounded by local children, whom he has been training at the Abudab club for the past six months. As a resident of Abu Dhabi, Marcos stands for Emirates.

Formalities from the referee, and the battle has begun! As in previous ADFC battles with other opponents, Marcos could not do without his tricks. After the first blow of Shamil, he raises his hand, they say, hit the eye. The judge temporarily interrupts the fight. As the Brazilian eye "stopped hurting", the battle continued.

After a good lower blow from Shamil, Marcos decides to go to his feet. Shamil evades capture, but the Brazilian hangs on Shamil’s waist and squeezes him in the direction of the net. Good defense of Abdurahimov. Shamil tries to transfer the opponent to the ground, but Marcos dodges, trying to hook the opponent’s foot. And here Shamil deftly pulls out his leg and suddenly punches Oliveira in the jaw from below. Marcos is falling. This is followed by a quick series of precise and hard punches from Shamil! No pity, but within the rules.

The referee stops the bout at 1 minute 56 seconds.


Our fans cheer in the hall! The Peresvet team pours into the cage!

The organizers enter the Champion’s belt and a check in the amount of 1 000 000 dirhams!

“Congratulations,” the host says, “how do you spend the money?”

“We haven’t planned yet how to spend, we’ll figure it out,” the first time this evening, Shamil smiles.

The Russian fighter of the Peresvet FT team Shamil Abdurahimov knocked out Marcos Oliveira, becoming the champion of the ADFC Open Weight Grand Prix. Defeating Oliveira, he won the first Champion title in the history of ADFC and prize money in the amount of 1 000 000 UAE dhrams (US $ 270 000). We heartily congratulate Shamil, Beslan and Shamkhal with a victory!

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