French Cuisine: Fauchon - Paris Le Cafe

Treats from the French culinary innovator and pioneer

The ambassador of the French culinary culture, the famous gastronomic brand Fauchon, together with Sankari Hospitality, held a gourmet evening in Dubai with gourmet culinary delights called “Taste of Paris on Your Lips”, which will be remembered by its participants for a long time. The event was dedicated to the opening in the Mall of the Emirates of the new Fauchon brand boutique and restaurant - Paris Le Cafe, which are located under the “fashionable” dome of the Fashion Dome. More than 200 VIP guests and representatives of the local and foreign press came to taste the exquisite Parisian delicacies.

The French culinary brand of the luxury category has long been a recognized gastronomic innovator and pioneer. Such fame was fixed to him 125 years ago, when its founders began selling gourmet foods and drinks. Over the past decades, the brand has grown significantly, having appeared in many countries of the world, without losing its true Parisian essence.

Today Fauchon has branches in 42 countries of the world, and now its plans include a gastronomic “capture” of the Middle East, in particular, of two such potential and large markets as Qatar and Lebanon.

Watch the video: FRANCE: FAUCHON: LUXURY FOOD STORE (April 2020).