What is fraught with a smile?


Dr. Michael Formenius, head of the clinic, said: “Before, the only way to hide visible dental flaws was to install crowns on the teeth. Today we use one veneer to restore one tooth, which may differ from the rest, for example, in color or completely to cover the entire jaw with veneers, so that the result is a real "Hollywood" smile.

The passion for creating unique smiles, executed by the hands of world-class specialists, lies at the core of the corporate philosophy of Dr. Dental Clinic Michael's Dental Clinic, which reveals the true beauty of each person. This statement can be confirmed by numerous customers who have already gone through the installation of veneers in the clinic of Dr. Michael.

If we turn to professional terminology, “veneers” are the thinnest layer of restorative material placed on the tooth surface in order to either fix its appearance or protect the damaged surface. The most popular material for making veneers is dental porcelain. Dr. Thomas from Dr. Clinic Michael's Dental Clinic explains: “Porcelain veneers are made of thin and super strong porcelain. They are carefully sculpted and placed on the front surface of the teeth to hide their visible imperfections and smooth them out, making them white and the same. This procedure involves several visits to the doctor and a series of painless procedures in which we make sure that the porcelain veneers have transformed your smile, which will remain so for at least ten to fifteen years, and in some cases for her life. "

"The technology for installing veneers is a real revolution in dentistry, which, in general, was predictable," continues Dr. Thomas. “None of us are born with perfectly even teeth, and a wide variety of external and internal factors can lead to such changes in the appearance of the teeth that the smile will also become unattractive.”

Known for their state-of-the-art technologies and procedures for creating smiles that can transform even the most crooked or damaged teeth and turn them into works of aesthetic design, Dr. Michael and his team are constantly improving their skills by participating in training at the renowned Rosental Dental Institute in New York , which just specializes in modern aesthetic dental programs. The Rosental Institute was one of the first to offer comprehensive programs and continuing education courses to train dentists in the growing field of aesthetic dentistry.

Dentists believe that the most common defects are crooked and displaced teeth, worn, stained or stained teeth, broken or jagged teeth, gaps between the teeth, and a gum type of smile.

Many people have small teeth and as a result, large distances are formed between them. Such a defect is not so easy to be hidden by orthodontologists.

Other patients have sharpened edges of the teeth, which indicates the imminent approach of old age, and some just endowed with crooked teeth, which also stand in the mouth with a “saw”. Composite veneers can cover extra distances between teeth, lengthen teeth that have worn out over time, give the entire jaw a uniform and uniform color, and even out the shape and symmetry of teeth. And, despite the fact that veneers are not the cheapest pleasure, most often patients remain so satisfied with the results of the procedure that they are fully aware of the advantages that offset the high price of treatment. “Nothing can be compared to the sensations that a person has from realizing that you can change crooked teeth to a delightful perfect smile in just one evening,” says Dr. Michael.

To find out exactly whether veneers are needed for a particular patient, in the Dr. Clinic Michael's Dental Clinic first appoints a consultation with a client, during which the condition of the oral cavity is clarified and all the means and treatments available to dentists are discussed to eliminate existing problems. The installation procedure for veneers is irreversible and involves either minimal removal of the tooth surface or complete non-interference in it.

Thus, after several discussions on whether veneers are the best solution to the patient’s problem, the next stage of treatment includes an overview of all the details, including preparing the teeth for the veneers installation procedure and finding out what is needed to make all the veneers look great and were correctly fixed.

During the consultation, the patient usually takes an active part in the discussion, since it is a question of the “design” of his smile. By sharing with the doctor his preferences regarding the shape, length, width and color of the veneers, as well as his personal opinion about what effect he wants to achieve in changing the appearance of the smile, the patient is involved in the process that leads him from the desired to the real.

Veneers are a long-lasting aesthetic and they can serve a person for many years until they need to be reinstalled. Regular check-ups at the dentist and dentist-hygienist, as well as professional brushing, are the most important factors affecting the maintenance of oral health and the durability of your veneers. Since veneers can be cleaned and sanded as much as you like, the risk of stains from drinks or food on their surface is minimized.

However, experts recommend brushing your teeth with veneers installed on them after consuming red wine, coffee, tea or carbonated drinks.

So, dear connoisseurs of beautiful smiles, stop dreaming, it's time you take the first step towards a bewitching smile, which will not only change your appearance, but maybe your whole life! Someone once correctly remarked: "A smile is the most inexpensive way to change your appearance, and you cannot feel fully dressed without a" perfect "smile."

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