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Epilators Panasonic

The pain is over!

Panasonic introduces a novelty - epilators for dry and wet hair removal with “Foam Epilator” foam. Now you can use the epilator even in the bathroom. Soap foam raises hairs and protects the skin surface from damage. The “Wet & Dry” technology ensures the hygiene of the process and simplifies the cleaning of the device. Epilators are equipped with a special protective system “Skin Protector”. Smooth skin and no pain! For a long time! Panasonic's new Foam Epilator is available at UAE's leading electronics stores.

Alessandro lac sensation

It is applied as a varnish, kept as a gel!

What does a woman want from nail polish?

It must hold for at least two weeks and dry for no more than two seconds.

It should not break off and should always maintain a brilliant shine.

It must be of excellent quality so that the nails remain healthy and strong.

Enigma Beauty Salon offers a manicure with ultraviolet rays and a new generation of nail coatings Lac Sensation Alessandro International, which has all of the above advantages and more!

  • Easy to apply
  • Dries within 60 seconds under UV rays
  • Wide range of colors
  • Not breaking off
  • Retains shine
  • Lasts up to three weeks
  • Natural look
  • Strengthens nails
  • Easy to erase without leaving any residue
  • Suitable for natural and extended nails

To make your pens look perfect!

Alessandro also offers 77 new varnish colors for your manicure, with a new patented quality formula.

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