Chiseled figure


1 Clarins

Extra Firming Body Care. The new Clarins Extra Firming Body Care line consists of two components: a cream that restores and improves skin firmness, using shea butter, hazelnut and jojoba extracts, and a lotion that nourishes the skin with extremely beneficial for skin cells with shea butter.

2 L'Occitane

Tone the skin of the body. This French cosmetics brand specializing in natural face, hair and body care cosmetics is pleased to offer two new body care products in the Almond Range line: DELIGHTFUL SHAPE anti-cellulite gel cleansing and shaping body contours based on almond bud extract, and tonic spray ELEGANT LEGS, which has a refreshing effect on the skin and improves its elasticity.

3 phytomer

Ab Sculptor. A unique innovative cosmetic product for restoring body contours with an extract of bark of seaside pine and marine antioxidants is designed to rid of excess subcutaneous fat and restore lost skin elasticity.

4 sisley

Phyto-Svelt Global. The new intensive products for weight loss from the Phyto-Svelt Global series have a triple effect: it regulates the flow of adipocytes - the cells that make up adipose tissue, slows down the process of the appearance of new fat cells and prevents the accumulation of moisture in the body, restoring skin elasticity and giving lightness to the body.

5 missha

A new series of body care products. A wide range of aromas, the ingredients of which moisturize, nourish, tighten and brighten the skin. Each of the series consists of a large number of shower gels, lotions, sprays, scrubs and body oils, and has aromas: ylang-ylang, raspberries, red mango, flowering cherry, vanilla and white musk.

6 Molton Brown

Find your secret garden. The English brand, famous for its skin care products, has released a limited series of two new hand skin care products: lotion, soothing and softening, and liquid for softening and nourishing the skin of the hands. The composition of both products included components such as flavanoids, minerals and saponins with aromas and extracts of rosemary and forest healing herbs.

8 Institut Karite Paris

IKP and Di Toscana. The French beauty institute IKP has pleased residents of the UAE by introducing two new brands in Dubai. IKP products are all that is needed to maintain female beauty, and Di Toscana takes care of the beauty of your home. Ask for products of these brands in the institute's branded boutique at The Dubai Mall.

9 nougat london

Hand Care with Nurturing Hand Cream. An excellent combination of cocoa butter, almond and macadamia moisturizes the skin of the hands, maintaining its softness, and strengthens the nails. Caring ingredients such as camphor and vitamin E prevent dry skin and cracking on the hands. The cream is presented in three fragrant versions - Tuberose and Jasmine, Fig and Pink Cedar and Cherry Blossoming. The novelty is presented in the Beautybay chain of stores.

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