ELO Aesthetic Center - Emergency Skin Care

Skin care and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the basic rules that allow us to remain beautiful for many years.

At the ELO Aesthetic Center in Dubai, real professionals work. We asked them questions that are most relevant for residents of the UAE.

Often people complain that their skin looks flabby, dull and covered with a net of fine wrinkles. What is the reason?

In a hot climate and low oxygen content in the air, the skin constantly loses water, and if there is not enough moisture, the skin looks flabby, dull and tired. Often we try to make up for the lack of moisture in the skin only with the help of moisturizers - and we do not get the result. Therefore, it is very important to distinguish: the skin is dehydrated or simply dry in type. That is why professional cosmetic procedures to fill the moisture deficit and prevent its loss will not only refresh the skin externally, but also improve it. In the arsenal of cosmetologists, there are many effective methods, including procedures with powerful moisturizing serums and collagen, as well as mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid.

Another problem is strong and uneven pigmentation in open areas of the skin. How can you help here?

The causes of pigmentation may be a genetic predisposition and hormonal changes. In addition, experts attach great importance to uncontrolled insolation. However, today dermatologists, in addition to a standard examination and establishing the cause of pigmentation, have the opportunity to choose the best way to correct it. This can be a special peeling, mesotherapy or a hardware procedure. An important point in the prevention and treatment of age spots is sunscreens with a high SPF factor.

How to deal with acne or acne?

Acne is a disease that occurs at any age and has many clinical manifestations. In most cases, the disease can begin and end in adolescence, but some forms of the disease can last for years. The main responsibility for correcting the appearance of the skin lies with the dermatologist, who chooses the best treatment option. There are many special programs, including a combination of hardware procedures, mesotherapy, chemical peels, which reduces the dose of medications prescribed for oral administration. The doctor also prescribes drugs for home treatment.

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