Hundred for 3.0 from NISSAN GT-R

Text: Sergey Tokarev

Our compatriots living in the CIS countries are well aware of the difference between SPORT "AVTOVAZOVSKY" BOLID from their mediocrity RELATIVES - plastic wing on the trunk, a small steering wheel with aluminum spokes, fringe on the glove compartment and windshield with complex TUNING OF COPPER COINS on the perimeter. LEARNED? "DARAGA, YES THE CENTER FOR FIVE MINUTES DAVESA"!


This is one of the leading automotive brands in the Middle East, offering the most popular and sought-after lineups in the region. Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. became the first Japanese automaker to open its Middle Eastern headquarters in 1994. Nissan's activity covers more than 20 countries in the region, which suggests that this brand has the largest representation in the Middle East compared to other popular Japanese car brands.

Far from our national characteristics, Japanese automakers, represented by the Middle East regional office of Nissan, decided to present their understanding of a sports car to all Russian-speaking people living in the United Arab Emirates, for which at the end of September 2011 they called the editorial office of the Russian Emirates magazine and offered to take for a test drive Nissan GT-R. We, who had not had time to break the habit of unbridled power under the hood of the Bentley, which we tested a month earlier, agreed without hesitation. Would you give up the temptation to drive a typewriter with a bi-turbocharged 3.8-liter six-cylinder engine with a capacity of 530 horses? So we did not.

Preparing for the tests, we carefully studied all the available literature - you always need to know what to deal with, what to be prepared for, what to pay attention to. It turned out that those who think that the legendary “Skyline GT-R” and that “GT-R”, which Nissan introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2007, are one and the same mistake. To make fewer mistakes, starting in 2008, Nissan renamed the “Skyline GT-R” simply “GT-R”, explaining this with technical considerations: if up to the R34, the Skyline GT-R was essentially an improved Skyline, then the GT-R with the index R35 is a completely independent car.

Nissan GT-R 2011MY models are presented in the market in six versions: "Pure edition", "Black edition", "Premium edition" and, finally, in the ultra-exclusive performance "EGOIST". In the Middle East market, for a number of reasons, the top equipment of the Egoist is called VVIP. For familiarization, the marketers of the Nissan regional office located in the Jebel Ali free economic zone provided us with the car in the most popular configuration in the UAE - Black Edition.

After receiving the latest parting words and an impressive package of documents at the Nissan office, we exit to the parking lot. The premonitions didn’t deceive us - the Nissan GT-R Black Edition really turned out to be absolutely black handsome. Who would doubt that. From afar, super-cool alloy wheels in dark chrome with a subtle reddish hue are striking. Tires are standard for this model, 20-inch Dunlop SP Sport MAXX GT 600 285/35. The low profile of the rubber completely deprives the car of "softness" even with the special "comfortable" mode of operation of the suspension, you literally feel every roughness on the road with your whole body. There is one more minus of the low profile - its inability to high Dubai borders. However, stop whining! Before us is a real sports car. City streets are not for him! His place on the highways, on the famous North Nurburgring loop, which he literally flies in 7 minutes and 24 seconds, leaving behind even the Ferrari Enzo, which fits into modest 7:25 against this background.

We open the doors, and again red - leather door handles, seat trim, red letter R on the steering wheel, red instrument arrows and leather on the automatic transmission lever, red engine start button. Red on black. Stylish!

Flop into a real sports seat from Recaro, and look around. The first look at the steering wheel, covered in black leather, and then at the speedometer - 340 kilometers per hour! As if letting us know what we were dealing with, Nissan engineers placed the zero mark in the lower right corner, and not in the lower left corner, where everything is just starting with “ordinary” cars, the Nissan GT-R is already 100 km / h. Running ahead I’ll say that because of the radars on the Emirate’s tracks, it was not possible to accelerate the car to speeds above 300 km / h, but 280 km / h on a general purpose highway, which you have to share with ordinary cars, jeeps and trucks, is also impressive! Choosing between the desire to squeeze the maximum and safety, the second, after winding almost a thousand kilometers on the roads of the four emirates in four days, rising to a height of a thousand meters above sea level (hello Mount Jebel Hafit!), We easily got off with just one fine for 600 dirhams, " catching a "radar somewhere in the area of ​​Ajman's car market.

Realizing that it’s stupid to talk about a sports car, describing the internal design, but at the same time it’s no less stupid to try to convey your driving experience - there are no such words in Russian or in less understandable English. Therefore, I allow myself to dwell on only two points - the proprietary Bose © acoustics (be sure to cut it to the full!) And the amazing multi-function display created in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, one of the developers of the famous Gran Turismo racing simulator, included by GameSpot in the list the best computer games of all time. I’ll finish my short story (an evil editor, far from motorsport, gave only two pages), perhaps, at the time of engine start and a reminder that the 2012 model will be even faster, cooler and more brutal ...

And everything else you just need to feel!


Apart from the layout, the Nissan GT-R is a very conservative car. The engine is a V-shaped “six” with a volume of 3.8 liters, with an aluminum block and two turbochargers, which develops 530 hp. Not bad, but 140 liters. with. with a liter of displacement for a turbo engine - the usual thing. For example, a Porsche 911 Turbo engine develops the same power with less volume. In addition, Porsche has a torque of 620 Nm, while Nissan has 612 Nm. And neither turbocompressors with variable geometry, nor direct injection ... Of the "fashionable" technologies, there are only variable phases at the inlet.

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