Two Carolina in the same capital

Probably IN EARLY FAR 1970, being a mother of two girls from the first marriage and secondary marrying, CAROLINA HERRERA did not know what the future holds them Rinaldi HERRERA GUEVARA first daughter BUT GAVE CHILD YOUR NAME THEREBY determined the fate GIRL IN THE WORLD OF FASHION ...

The world-famous designer Carolina Herrera, nee Maria Carolina Josefina Pakanins and Nino, was born in Venezuela in a fairly wealthy family. Her father was an air force officer, and later became governor of his hometown of Caracas. The girl was brought up in severity, but she always speaks of her parents with great warmth. The society in which she grew up influenced the formation of Carolina's taste in many ways. By her own admission, she was always surrounded by beautiful women dressed "haute couture".

Having received a good education, the girl worked for a while in her specialty, and then got married. In this marriage, two daughters were born, but in 1964 he broke up. In 1968, Carolina remarried and gave birth to two girls, the eldest of whom gave her name - Carolina. Real success came to Carolina Sr. at a fairly mature age.

In 1980, when she was almost forty years old, she founded her brand Carolina Herrera New York and released her first “trial” collection. The collection was presented in New York, where it received very good reviews from critics. In the same year, Carolina decided to move with her whole family to New York. The beginning of her "American" part of life is marked by a friendship with Jacqueline Kennedy, the wife of the president and first lady of the United States. From the beginning of the 80s to the very end of her life, Jacqueline considered Herrera her favorite designer.

And now, in 2011, the first branded boutique CH Carolina Herrera was inaugurated in the emirate capital of Abu Dhabi, which became the 10th in the Middle East region. In honor of this significant event, both Carolins flew to Abu Dhabi - Carolina Herrera herself and her daughter Carolina Herrera Baez, who gave a gala dinner for all the brand's fans, VIP guests, artists, musicians, fashion experts and members of the press in a specially built "crystal "a tent, in the capital's Royal Stables. Needless to say, a sumptuous dinner was complemented by live piano music, a show of the latest autumn-winter collection of clothes and accessories by CH Carolina Herrera, and was also accompanied by a colorful equestrian equilibrist show and fireworks.

“Welcoming Carolina Herrera and her daughter Caroline here in the Middle East, we feel endless pride,” said Patrick Chalhoub, chief executive officer of the Chalhoub Group. “Their visit to the United Arab Emirates is not only a great joy for all fans of the brand and our entire team, but also proof of the strengthening of the position of the CH Carolina Herrera brand both in the countries of the region and around the world.”

The gala dinner was held in a transparent pavilion, set in the midst of a lush green garden, and the whole atmosphere of the evening emphasized the world of Carolina Herrera's values ​​- luxurious elegance, living in comfort and privacy, with elements of chic and true hospitality. In her collections of clothes for men, women and children, as well as in the lines of original accessories, Carolina Herrera reflects the joy of life, which is always traced in the purity of lines, perfectly selected fabrics and perfect fit.

However, the Carolina Herrera collections are not only clothes and shoes, but also a whole world of delicious perfumes that complement the lifestyle under the CH brand. And it doesn’t matter what you bought today - a thin evening dress, a handbag or a pram, any thing will be an expression of the unique spirit of the CH Carolina Herrera brand, which every day turns them into simply irreplaceable.

“Our presence in the Middle East is further proof that all our collections are international in nature. Beauty knows no bounds. In Arab countries there are many connoisseurs of true elegance and chic, and this reflects their refined taste. That is why I feel completely at home “Special,” said Carolina Herrera, welcoming the guests gathered for the gala dinner. This modest, fragile, irresistibly elegant woman became the queen of a luxurious evening in the UAE. And it was amazing to get in touch with this fashion, it was so easy, and yet she was applauded by the crowned persons and the first ladies of the world's superpowers.

... The magic ball came to an end, the guests parted, but the feeling of celebration remained.

I must say that while working with her mother, Carolina Jr. brought the shades of youth and youth style to the CH Carolina Herrera style, as well as continued the global development of family business, representing the brand in 16 countries around the world. And since both mother and daughter jointly create the concepts of new collections, the latter clearly reflect the character traits, tastes and preferences of each of the two Carolines, ultimately turning every new season of CH Carolina Herrera into a whole amazing world riddled with different approaches to fashion and at the same time showing well recognizable style of this brand.

The atmosphere in CH Carolina Herrera's signature boutiques subtly resembles the house of old friends, inviting customers to separate rooms and corners with soft sofas and bookcases separated by dark wood partitions and decorated with billiard tables and elegant fabrics.

In such an environment, shopping turns into some kind of special action. And even if you are not yet ready to buy a business suit or dress from the legendary Carolina Herrera, who was wearing Jacqueline Kennedy, then buy yourself a bottle of perfume, a plaid or a soft teddy bear to fully feel like part of CH Carolina Herrera's lifestyle.

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