Herbal Home Boutique presentation of the fragrant collection

Herbal Home Boutique, a company specializing in the supply of natural and organic cosmetics in the UAE and a member of the Russian Council of Entrepreneurs in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, on the eve of the New Year holidays, December 23, 2011, organized a unique presentation and gala dinner "for women only".

On a beautiful December evening, the CEO of Herbal Home Boutique, Elena Shidlovskaya, invited all business women who are members of the Russian Council of Entrepreneurs to celebrate the opening of her new store in Dubai Marina Mall. Presentation and dinner took place at the Dubai Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa.

During the evening, guests in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere were presented with high-quality natural, free of chemicals, animal fats and mineral oils, Herbal Home Boutique products, including: handmade fragrant soap, face and body creams, massage oils, organic baby cosmetics, as well as home accessories from world famous brands - all for comfort and good relaxation. During the holiday, a lottery was also drawn, with prizes in which were discount vouchers for purchases at Herbal Home Boutique.

The gala dinner, prepared by the best chefs at the Grand Habtoor Resort & Spa, was accompanied by music by violinists and performances by wonderful artists from the La Grande dance studio who expressed their sincere desire to take part in this festive evening. At the end of the holiday, all guests were kindly provided with gifts with samples of products from Herbal Home Boutique.

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